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Perpetual Radio Launches PRN_tech

Perpetual Radio Networks started operating in 2009 as Canada’s first podcast network where we covered a wide range of technology and social topics on our weekly shows. Since then we’ve refocused our efforts to video with the launch of TestDrive, Canada’s newest automotive show featuring full tours & reviews of a wide range of cars from classics to the current.

PRN has always been technology focused, and while we did film some tech-oriented videos at the re-launch of our network in 2015, we’ve finally gotten to the point where we’re ready to get serious about it again. We’re really proud and excited to be launching PRN_tech, our second show focused on all-things technology. We want to take the skills and style we’ve learned and developed with TestDrive over the years and apply it to our other passion.

We want to produce episodes on a wide range of products and topics, including cellphones, photography, videography, video games, consumer electronics, VR, retro hardware & video games, and so much more. There’s unlimited potential when covering technology since the industry is always changing. We’re looking forward to 2018 with more video coverage and reviews from TestDrive and PRN_tech, continuing to grow our community, and expanding our viewer base.

For more information about PRN_tech you can view our videos on YouTube.

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