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DJI Osmo Mobile

We had the chance to use DJI's Osmo Mobile over the past couple months, in fact almost everything we've filmed for TestDrive since January has been shot using our iPhone 8 Plus paired with the DJI Osmo Mobile. It's allowed us to get much better clips for our episodes without having to use our huge Canon 6D DSLR, and allows us to shoot un 60fps.

The main benefit of the Osmo Mobile is to stabilize smartphone video, and it really helps if you're on the move. We most of our episode of PRN_tech on this device while walking along uneven terrain in the forrest behind our house. The Osmo Mobile allows you to keep your device steady while maintaining the right level with the horizon. We found it to be incredibly helpful while filming interior shots of cars, allowing us to use a much smaller capture device, and improved the time it took us to film. Rather than setting up a tripod and slider, we could throw our phone into the Osmo Mobile and begin filming immediately.

The only major downside with the whole DJI experience was their app which helps to connect the device to your phone, and record specific clips. There's serious potential with the app, allowing you to select an object in your field of view and the app/device will track it automatically. This was one of the only features we found useful, as the app itself does not record in 60 fps, nor does it save the files locally on the iPhone's camera roll. We also had trouble with auto-focus continuing to adjust during filming with the app, and the Android version didn't work on some of the devices we tested with.

Overall we really like the DJI Osmo Mobile, and go into much more depth in our full episode of PRN_tech which you can watch below:

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