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Dell PowerEdge T420 Preview

Our friends over at Unikbox sent us over a present from Dell, what could it be? We unbox this brown box to see.

Head over to to find out more about Unikbox's IT solutions, including this Dell PowerEdge T420.

We unbox a refurbished Dell PowerEdge T420 desktop server, which includes 2 495w PSUs, an Intel Xeon IvyBridge E5-2407 v2 2.4Ghz CPU with support for a second CPU, 24GB of ECC RAM, and 14 1TB 2.5" SAS drives. We love server hardware here at PRN_tech, so we jumped at the opportunity to try out this beast of a backup server.

As this is just an unboxing video, we don't get into any benchmarking or installation, however we have got the server setup and running and will be talking about it at more length over the next couple weeks. We do plan to have Windows Server 2016 running as the main OS and connected to our network as a file server.

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