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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Oreo Review

We dared ourselves to ditch our iPhone 8 Plus for a week and switch over completely to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Android Oreo.

There's no doubt this review is super late, we've had the Note 8 in our possession for quite some time now and haven't filmed anything on it until the very last minute. We switched over the SIM card from our iPhone 8 Plus into the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for over a month and used it as our daily driver, along with the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro activity-tracking smartwatch. To make matters more interesting, we also switched the launcher from Samsung's default to the Microsoft Launcher with Cortana support.

While our review isn't overly comprehensive, we wanted to put something out on this device before sending it back to Samsung. We enjoyed using the Note 8 for the month that we daily drove it, and found the screen to be the biggest selling factor over the iPhone. We talk about some of the other details this phone has to offer that made life enjoyable for us during our month with it.

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