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VW e-Golf vs Kia Soul EV

We take two of Québec's popular compact Electric Vehicles with 180-200km ranges to the test to see which EV is right for you! This episode of TestDrive is brought to you by Elmec's EVduty. Their Level 2 Smart Home Charger allows us to fully enjoy the use of PHEV and EVs on TestDrive. Find out more at Special thanks to Mega Kia Brossard for lending us their 2018 Kia Soul EV for the weekend in order to film this episode of TestDrive Showdown: There's no doubt that electric cars are popular here in Québec. More EVs are sold every day, and vehicles like the 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf and 2018 Kia Soul EV are in such high demand that dealers sell through their inventory almost as soon as they arrive from delivery. We take a look at these two compact vehicles to see what each has to offer and which might be the EV for your lifestyle. We decided to compare these two vehicles on two important aspects. Their MSRPs are incredibly similar, under $40,000 CAD before any rebated or incentives, and both offer a relatively similar range. The Kia Soul EV is rated for 179km with the VW e-Golf at 201km. While both vehicles occupy slightly different segments, we feel their overall size, price, and range are reasons buyers will be comparing them when looking to buy. We go over the important exterior and interior differences, similarities, and features of each vehicle to show what you get for the price. We then take each vehicle on a road test to talk about the road handling, drive, and overall performance of each vehicle, along with their energy economy. We discuss the differences in Level 3 charging for each car, as the e-Golf uses an SAE Combo Plug, and the Soul EV a CHAdeMO plug. We wrap up with a quick rundown of each vehicle, to determine which you should consider based on your own personal needs and taste.

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