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2018 BMW M2 Black Shadow Edition

The BMW M2 is considered to be the one true driver's car in BMW M division, so does the Black Shadow Edition make it any better? TestDrive has had the pleasure of featuring a number of performance vehicles this year, but none drive, handle, or perform quite like a proper BMW M car. Our Spotlight is on the 2018 BMW M2 Black Shadow Edition. One of 50 in Canada, and only 700 produced globally, the Black Shadow is a $3,970 package that adds some dark appearance mods to the M2. Our test vehicle is also equipped with BMW's Adaptive LED headlights, and M Double Clutch Transmission, an option probably most purists would skip in favour of the 6 speed manual, however it's one we seriously prefer. Our full review of the 2018 BMW M2 is a little different than our usual episode of TestDrive Spotlight. Since the M2 Coupé is a small vehicle, we skip our usual walkaround segment in favour of getting right into the drive of this car. We still show off all the exterior and interior features that matter most to buyers, and put this car on the road to see how it performs and handles. Our episode on the BMW M2 Black Shadow also includes some exhaust sound captured from our cameras, and a cold start and rev of the engine. We wrap up with our likes and dislikes about this $74,000 performance car and figure out if the price is really worth it for this kind of car.

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