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2019 Mini Cooper S Starlight Blue Edition

The weather outside is weather, so it's time to drop the top on our convertible and take the 2019 Mini Cooper S Starlight Blue Edition on a winter road test. While it wasn't necessarily our decision to book a 2019 Mini Cooper S Cabrio for the winter, we ended up having this Starlight Blue Edition convertible during the first week of snowfall here in Québec. Rather than just do a normal review and full tour of this car though, we wanted to have a little fun while finding out how a car like this Mini can handle itself in the snow. Our full tour & review of the 2019 Mini Cooper S Convertible Starlight Blue Edition covers the exterior changes for 2019, including the $2,900 Starlight Blue package. Features like LED headlights and fog lights, piano black exterior trim, union jack tail lights, and the changes from the regular Cooper. We jump inside with the roof off to talk about the interior features and design, including wireless Apple CarPlay, iDrive, heated front seats, dual zone climate control, and a backup camera. We then take the 2019 Mini Cooper S on two different road tests to talk about how the car performs as a typical enthusiast car, and what we found during our week in the winter and snow. We drive around town with the top down all week to see what people think about the Mini and how crazy we ultimately are. Finally we wrap up and talk about our overall fuel economy, what we disliked and liked, and some improvements we'd like to see from BMW for future updates on this Mini Cooper S.

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