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BMW 4 Series vs Kia Stinger

We wanted to know what life would be like if you bought the base model of two of our favourite cars. We take a look at the 2019 BMW 430i Gran Coupé and the 2019 Kia Stinger GT-Line.

Special thanks to BMW Sherbrooke & Groupe Park Avenue for letting us film this episode of TestDrive Showdown with their 2019 BMW 430i.

Both the Kia Stinger & BMW 4 Series are capable sport-oriented compact executive sedans targeting similar types of buyers who want something exciting to drive for less than $60,000. Our original concept was to film the Stinger against the 2019 Audi A5 Sportback, however we found a comparable 430i instead.

Throughout this episode you'll hear references to price gaps between these two vehicles, if you were buying a 430i in the US the price difference would be about $10k between the Stinger, however in Canada the M Sport package is added and included in the base MSRP brining the difference to over $14,000, and then another $3,700 difference in price since this 430i has the Premium Essentials Package.

We take a look at how each of these two cars performs on the road as a daily driver, since neither are the true performance versions, people aren't necessarily looking to buy them to race around. We're trying to find the difference in price between these two cars, and whether the BMW is truly worth the premium over something like a Kia Stinger.

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