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iOS 13 Updates for Apple CarPlay

We go over the changes and features added to Apple CarPlay in iOS 13. Please note this video was filmed with a beta version of iOS 13 and changes might occur with the final release of the software, however at this time we believe most of the functionality works as intended.

Apple CarPlay in iOS 13 adds a new home screen with maps, favourite locations, and now playing to the main menu, allowing users to have pertinent information available on the screen at all times. iOS 13 also allows for screen independence with the iPhone, meaning the app on CarPlay can be used independently from the app on the iPhone's screen, allowing the driver to have Apple Maps open while a passenger changes the music in Apple Music.

Some apps have received updated UI elements like the Phone app, and a new Settings app has been added allowing users to turn on Do Not Disturb for driving, along with changing between automatic (light) mode and dark mode for the UI. A Calendar app has been added with easy links to navigation destinations.

Siri has received an update with a more natural voice, along with a smaller pop up when in use, so your screen isn't taken up when using Siri. Some new commands have been added like the ability to specify a navigation address for Google Maps instead of the default Apple Maps. New changes for Apple Maps will be coming for US iPhone users later in 2019 with other markets receiving the updated app in 2020.

We're testing Apple CarPlay iOS 13 on a 2020 Nissan Maxima Platinum, however the update for CarPlay will work on any CarPlay-compatible vehicle without having to update the car's infotainment software. Once the public release is available for iOS 13 users will be able to update their phones and use the new CarPlay features immediately.

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