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Shine Armor Quick Coat Fortify Waterless Car Wash Review

TestDrive is looking at the Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat waterless car wash, shine, and protect product, by cleaning 6 months worth of dust and dirt from our neglected 2001 BMW 740iL.

Use our affiliate code with Shine Armor to help support #ProjectE38, 100% of anything we make through this affiliate code will go towards fixing up this BMW 7 Series.

Shine Armor's Fortify Quick Coat is a waterless car wash product designed to help get your car clean while protecting it at the same time. We're testing out their core product on 6 months worth of neglect with our own 2001 BMW 740iL which has been sitting motionless for more than 6 months, and hasn't been properly driven in over a year and a half.

Our product review goes over how the Fortify Quick Coat is meant to be used, including the best way to apply it to your car, and the process we used in order to clean this 7 Series fully. We show the cleaning process through a time lapse of various angles sped up for time, along with before and after shots of the vehicle.

We go over some of the reasons why you'd want or need to use a waterless car wash product, such as if your municipality has a water ban on driveway car washing, you live in a condo or apartment, or you want to keep your car cleaner during the winter and can't use a traditional car wash due to the weather.

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