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2020 BMW i3 Range Extender Review

We're taking a spin in the BMW i3 with Range Extender, a spunky little PHEV with a whole lot of range and a tiny generator for emergencies.

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This week on TestDrive we're looking at a vehicle that we've had on our list to feature for a while now, the 2020 BMW i3 with Range Extender. Identical to the 2019 model year, the BMW i3 has a 42.2kWh battery, a 170 horsepower electric motor located in the rear, and a rear wheel drive setup. The range extender adds BMW's 647cc Maxi-Scooter engine and a 9L (7.2L software-limited in North America) fuel tank providing around 115km of extra range to the 204 kms rated for this vehicle.

Our full tour and review of the 2020 BMW i3 eDrive goes over all the features found on BMW's tiniest i vehicle, including the driver assistance package and premium package, along with the LED headlights, front and rear park distance control, backup camera, power folding mirrors, and comfort access. We jump inside our i3 with optional BMW I Suite leather interior to go over the 10.25" iDrive 6.0 navigation system, heated front seats, manual adjustment seating, multi-function steering wheel, HomeLink, single-zone automatic climate control, and 13-speaker Harmon/Kardon audio system.

We take the 2020 BMW i3 REx on a road test to talk about how this mega city vehicle performs and handles on the road, including real-world driving. We discuss some of the benefits we've discovered with this vehicle and why buyers might be interested in paying the premium for a smaller range EV with a small gas backup.

We wrap up our review of the 2020 BMW i3 REx with our real-world energy economy information and what we ultimately liked and disliked about this subcompact luxury hatchback, and how much it cost us in electricity to drive for a week.

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