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#ProjectE38 is a Go!

You've been asking what's going on with my 2001 BMW 740iL, so here we go!

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Special thanks to Goodyear for sponsoring #ProjectE38 with a new set of Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric all-season tires. For more information about Goodyear Tires and to see what size fits your car visit

Special thanks to Acumen for sponsoring #ProjectE38 with their XR10 front & rear dash cam. We featured this dash cam earlier on TestDrive and our full review can be found here:

The long list of repairs and work needed to be done on my 2001 BMW 740iL hasn't gotten any shorter this past year. While we do have a new set of tires to replace our old summer tires, we haven't done anything to the car. We did detail the E38 a couple months back and during that time the battery went flat, so I picked up a trickle charger to maintain the battery health and charge.

The biggest hurdle is still the gas tank, but suspension work and an oil leak are also safety-related problems. #ProjectE38 is our codeword to get this car back on the road. We'll be uploading all videos related to getting the 7 Series back on the road under this hashtag, and you can follow along on Instagram at

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