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How to Sell Your Car Faster & For More Money | 5 Simple Tips

Here are 5 tips and strategies to get more money when selling your car, and how to get it sold quicker, along with some bonus ways to keep yourself safe while doing it.

Here on PRN_TestDrive we love classic cars, and buying and selling classic cars is a natural part of that love. We've put together a quick video going over 5 tips to consider when putting your car up for sale that will help you get the most money for it, and get it sold as quickly as possible. This is meant as a pretty general video for anyone, not just car enthusiasts, so some of this might be common knowledge for some, while others will be introduced to new ideas.

1) Know Your Car - It's important to get the facts right. BMW has never made a V6 323i yet thousands of them get put up for sale every year.

2) Fix Minor Issues - Bulbs, switches, filters, things of that nature are often easy fixes that go a long way to show that you take care of your car. Present your vehicle in the best possible light.

3) Clean Inside & Out - Seems obvious, but no one wants to buy a car filled with your garbage.

4) Take Good Photos - Make sure you get the right lighting and angle to give potential buyers the full picture of what you're selling.

5) Do Your Research - Check local classifieds sites to see what fair market value is for your car, and make sure you have all the paperwork a buyer might be interested in.

We wrap up by going over some tips to keep you safe when selling a car, and the opposite can be used when buying a car. Scammers are out there and always looking for easy ways to make money, so protect yourself with some quick tips on security and safety.

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