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Craftsman 2-in-1 Gas Lawn Mower Review

This week on TestDrive we're getting ready for Spring by pulling out our Craftsman C459-36401 2-in-1 gas-powered lawn mower and getting it prepped for the season.

Our full tour and review of the Craftsman C459-36401 2-in-1 gas lawn mower goes over the technical specifications for this Craftsman lawn mower sold originally at Sears Canada for the Canadian market. We talk about the MTD OHV engine, cutting deck, blade size, front and rear wheels, and the other important details that buyers should look at when it comes to a gasoline lawn mower.

We discuss some of the use-cases for this mower, and what type of buyers and lawns should consider this mower. We then go over the seasonal maintenance for this lawn mower, including which kind of motor oil you need, 10W30 single cylinder, the spark plug, and the process to get the mower ready for the season. This is a simple enough maintenance regimen even for those who aren't overly mechanically hands-on.

We give you a real-world walkthrough of the steps to prepare this (or any) gas lawn mower for the new season. TestDrive then takes the Craftsman C459 lawn mower on a lawn test to show you how this mower performs in the real world on grass, and how easy it is to operate. We finish up with some POV clips of the operation of this mower, along with a hyperlapse fixed-angle view.

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