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10 Québec Driving Laws You May Not Know

This week we're looking at Québec's Highway Safety Code to see what laws are on the books that residents and visitors should know when driving in La Belle Province.

The Québec Highway Safety Code regulates what is legal and illegal on the roads and highways of Québec, but some laws seem to be ignored in mass, while others differ from surrounding juristictions. We go over the top 10 laws that you might not have known about whether you're travelling to/through Québec, you're planning to move here from another province, or you've been here your whole life.

Some of the laws we cover include motorcycle lane-splitting, window tint, slow moving farm vehicles, when to pass other motorists, what to do when an emergency vehicle is approaching, and how to legally operate your horn.

All of these laws are provided in their full text throughout the video and can be accessed by visiting the Gouvernement du Québec's website or the Société de l'Assurance Automobile du Québec.

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