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I Bought a Road Legal Wreck for $500, and Got Plates for it

It's time for another episode of 'Let's waste money on junk!'. On today's show we're looking at the latest vehicle to join the PRN Garage, this time it only cost $500.

For quite some time I've needed a beater, a car to get me from one auto manufacturer to another without having to pay for taxis. After some searching online I found the next vehicle I wanted to buy, a car that I had some experiences with as a child growing up in Mississauga Ontario. While we've revealed the car already on Instagram and Facebook, try and guess what car I've bought.

Clue #1: The car's model year is a 1997

Clue #2: The car's VIN starts with a 2

Clue #3: This vehicle was identical in the US & Canada, yet sold under separate divisions between the two countries.

I'll give you a bit of time to guess. You can also pause the video if you like. Don't spoil it unless you've guessed!

I bought, for the insane price of $500, a 1997 Chrysler Intrepid with the upgraded 3.5L V6 engine. I somehow managed to drive this wreck home from Granby Québec without incident, only to find the brake fluid completely leaked out in my driveway.

A quick check of the system revealed some loose connectors, now I need to fill up the system with new brake fluid and I should be good to go. While this is just a reveal video, I do explain the intended purpose for this vehicle, and that it isn't replacing the 2001 BMW 740iL next to it in my garage. This is rather a vehicle in need of love and better within my scope of abilities, especially for the price.

We're going to be featuring this video more over the next few months as we prepare it for road duty, so follow along with #ProjectIntrepid for more videos on this car. First order is to give this car that's been neglected inside and out a serious detailing and cleaning.

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