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Quick Tour of My New Beater Wagon | 2006 Ford Focus ZXW SE

Friendship over with Intrepid, Focus Wagon is my new best friend. Things escalated quickly, so now we're behind the wheel of yet another super cheap car.

After Monday's official announcement of the death of my 1997 Chrysler Intrepid 3.5L I wanted to give a quick tour of the replacement beater, this 2006 Ford Focus SE ZXW. The Focus enjoyed it's time in the North American spotlight before Ford axed it after the 2019 model year, but it sold incredibly well here in Canada, especially Québec where the local KennyUPull has over 40 to choose from.

My green Focus wagon is the second trim in the Focus lineup, after the S, but before the SES and ST/ZX4. Unlike the Intrepid, this Focus was mechanically inspected for safety related problems, and was looked over for any major issues. As I discuss the heating motor wasn't working and was replaced, however the fan direction selector seem to be stuck, jammed, or outright broken and will need to be addressed. I go over the exterior and interior of this Focus to see what needs to be done, along with some quick clips of the after results of cleaning.

I also discuss my plans for this cheap car, including what OEM modifications I would like to do on top of cleaning and fixing up the issues with it. Stay tuned for more Focus content as we kill off #ProjectIntrepid and replace it with #ProjectFocusWagon.

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