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Searching for E38 7 Series Parts at Kenny U Pull

Today I went to the junk yard for the first time since before moving to Québec. A 1995 BMW 740iL had my name written all over it.

Proceeds from the PRN T-Shirts will go entirely to #ProjectE38 to get this car back on the road! We interrupt our usual stream of content for some 4K goodness at the junk yard. Today's visit takes place at Kenny U-Pull in Sherbrooke,

Québec where a 1995 BMW 740iL has been sitting for a few months. I check it out to see if there are any viable parts for #ProjectE38 on it including a serviceable gas tank. The sand beige interior is also a match for my 7 Series, so maybe there's something good hiding inside. I also search the lot for Mk II Ford Focus parts as domestic brands are easier to hunt for in wreck lots. I also find a few interesting cars along the way as we dive through the trash.

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