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1994 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series Full Tour & Review

We're taking a stroll down memory lane with a classic limo North American viewers should be familiar with. Our Spotlight is on this 1994 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series.

Special thanks to Richard Auto in Drummondville Québec for allowing us to film this 1994 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series. If you're interested in this specific car or for more information about the dealer you can visit their website here:

The Panther platform is one of Ford's longest-running and most successful platforms. It underpins the Crown Victoria, Town Car, Grand Marquis, and Marauder. A rear-wheel drive full-size sedan platform that ran from 1981 until 2011. This 1994 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series is a second generation Panther platform sedan from Ford's luxury Lincoln division.

The Signature Series was the middle of three trims for 1994 and comes well equipped for the year. Our full tour and review goes over all the features, specifications, and info buyers and enthusiasts want to know about this generation Lincoln Town Car.

We go over the 4.6L Modular V8 engine, 4 speed automatic transmission, blue velour interior, what options were available depending on the trim, and what changes were made with the facelifts throughout the production run of this generation. We then take the 1994 Lincoln Town Car on a comprehensive real-world road test to see how this vehicle performs, handles, and drives 26 years after it was built, and why someone might want to consider buying one of these cars today.

We discuss how powerful the 4.6L Modular V8 is, what the dual exhaust option added to the Town Car, how the digital gauge cluster has held up over the decades, and the overall experience behind the wheel of what many consider to be the ultimate grandpa car. After our road test we go over all the common problems with the second generation Lincoln Town Car and what issues you might experience if you're buying one of these or in the market to get one. Common problems like the rust spots, issues with the AOD-E transmission, Modular V8 problems, and what might fail on a car like this.

Our Buyer's Guide helps to prepare potential buyers of a 1990's era Lincoln Town car to be better equipped when it comes time to buy one.

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