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2024 BMW 760i xDrive

To say the G70 BMW 7 Series launched with some criticism is a severe understatement. BMW as of late has been on a bit of a losing streak when it comes to their designs being appreciated by the masses, and specifically enthusiasts who've been loyal to the brand for decades. This generation 7 Series certainly stirred some emotions when it was first revealed for production in 2022. The split front headlights, large kidney grille, uninspired rear end were all complaints from motoring press and consumers alike. But now the G70 has been out for a couple years and it's time to get the PRN_TestDrive treatment.

As a reminder for our readers, this enterprise we have here at PRN all started thanks to a BMW 7 Series not too much unlike the one we're driving this week. I bought a high-mileage, mystery maintenance 2001 BMW 740iL from a sketchy used car dealership in Ajax of 2015 and never regretted it. This gives me a unique perspective on this line of vehicles as few can say they've owned a BMW 7 Series, especially one as coveted as the E38. BMW Canada offered this 2024 BMW 760i xDrive finished in Frozen Pure Grey Metallic for the week to see what my thoughts were on it as a previous 7 Series owner, and current full-size luxury sedan driver. There's a lot of good with this new generation, but also some misses.

The Good

Let's talk about what makes the 2024 BMW 760i xDrive good. First off, this is the first generation BMW 7 Series to be exclusively offered as a long-wheelbase sedan. No more shorties. They've officially dropped the L designation globally after the US-market went SWB-free last generation. This generation is also longer, wider, taller, and has a longer wheelbase than the previous generation. Electrification is at the forefront of the G70, with this 760i xDrive having a mild-hybrid system good for about 12 horsepower of boost to assist with shifting, auto-stop/start, and launch control. Other models include a plug-in hybrid and full electric i7.

The seats on the 2024 BMW 760i xDrive are superb. We didn't have the extended leather package through BMW Individual on this press vehicle, nor the rear executive package, however all 4 main seats receive heat, ventilated, memory, and multi-massage capabilities. The rear outboard seats come with power options through the 5.5" rear displays built into the doors, along with pillows to compliment the head rests. We found the seating in the front and rear to be exceptionally comfortable, exactly what we'd expect from a full-size luxury sedan. Interior space was also excellent given the tremendous amount of technology and features packed into this vehicle.

We strongly recommend selecting the 36-speaker 1,965w Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound audio system. This is hands-down the best in-car entertainment system we've tested to date. The key feature of this setup includes what Bowers & Wilkins calls 4D audio, with tweeters located inside the seats to enhance the feeling of the music by vibrating the seat along with the music. It's truly spectacular to experience, and something I've appreciated during my entire week-long drive. The surround profile works very well, with clear audio channels to distinguish directional cues. We would have liked to see some sort of live equalizer through the BMW Interaction Bar.

Fuel efficiency was also key for this 7 Series. We achieved a mind-blowing 9.4L/100km on our 100km test loop, better than many vehicles we've tested since moving to Ontario. We performed our test in Sport mode without worrying too much about the environmental impact of our drive, so that number could only improve had we driven in eco mode.

The Bad

We did note some negatives about this generation BMW 7 Series that are worth noting. A few features are missing on the G70 that were present in older generations, and more importantly are features found on other lower Series models from BMW. The first omission is heated and cooled cup holders, a feature still found on the 2024 BMW X5. The front cup holders used to have a heat/cool option that could keep beverages at a certain temperature. We tested it previously and found it helped, while not completely efficient.

BMW's ambient fragrances are also deleted on this generation. Previously found via pucks that plugged into the glove box, these unique fragrances allowed the cabin to be filled with delightful smells via the vehicle's air vents. It was effective and a unique selling feature. The alternative is BMW's air vent clip, a product we tested and reviewed on our 2001 BMW 740iL and found it to be an excellent addition to any vehicle. BMW still sells these clips and scents in dealerships, but given the G70 BMW 7 Series' lack of physical air vents, this sort of plug won't work in the modern 760i.

BMW has opted for a thick rear window shade for added privacy, but at the expense of driver visibility. Any rear shades we've tested to date work well to block out unwanted light and distraction while still allowing the driver to see headlights, emergency beacons, or profiles of vehicles behind the vehicle. With this generation the shade itself isn't transparent enough making it dangerous for the use during vehicle operation. The optional BMW entertainment system in the rear seats would further block the driver's view of the road. A simple solution would be a rearview camera mirror, much like Cadillac has offered across their range of vehicles. Even consumer brands are adopting these cameras. BMW has a front and rear camera washer system, so the lack of a camera mirror left us puzzled and disappointed.

iDrive 8.5 is the latest software available for BMW's infotainment experience. Gone are the days of physical buttons, with almost all moving into the infotainment system. We had similar issues with iDrive that we've experienced before with Bluetooth streaming via cellphone. iDrive also encountered two problems during our week that left the system unresponsive for short periods of time. We've talked at length about our dislike for screens replacing physical buttons, and BMW has moved almost everything into a screen. The window shades have a button that takes you to the iDrive page for window shades, same with the drive modes, most seat controls, lighting control, and HVAC. Heated/ventilated seats are operated through the iDrive screen, and those cannot be accessed if the camera(s) are active. We hope this trend will die soon.

The Rest

BMW has shown us once again that it still is the Ultimate Driving Machine. The 2024 BMW 760i xDrive is the driver's car, with performance and handling we'd expect from a BMW M Performance vehicle. The 4.4L twin-turbo S68 V8 engine produces 536 hosepower, and 553 lb-ft of torque. The Boost mode provides around 12 horsepower for 10 seconds of additional power. BMW is still opting for the exceptional ZF 8HP automatic transmission for quick manual shifts, and smooth power transfer. The xDrive system also worked great for us during our wet week. Despite being fitted with Pirelli P Zero winter tires, we didn't get any snow.

This generation also comes with integral active rear steering, which means the rear wheels turn. At first the experience can be a little unnerving as the car feels like it's over steering on sharp corners, but once you master the 4 wheel steering you find you can't live without it. The overall ride is quintessential BMW 7 Series, soft enough to keep passengers comfortable, but not as soft as a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. We admit that we kept this 2024 BMW 760i xDrive in Sport mode for most of the week, so our suspension was firmer than it would be normally, but it's an experience you want from a BMW.

You can watch our full tour and review of the 2024 BMW 760i xDrive to see everything about this full-size luxury sedan by watching our video over on the PRN_TestDrive YouTube Channel.


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