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2024 BMW X6 M60i xDrive

James has the chance to check out the LCI or life cycle impulse for the 2024 BMW X6 M60i xDrive SUV. A vehicle we first drove back in 2020, this updated vehicle boasts the same power numbers but comes with a new look. We go over all the technical specs of this vehicle along with the exterior and interior features and design.

The price has gone up a bit since we featured it last. Starting price is over $100k CAD now, with our test model just over $125,000.00 CAD. The exterior has gotten an update with BMW's new rear tail light design, slimmer LED lights in the rear, a new headlight design with arrow-shaped LED daytime running lights, and a slightly larger kidney grille. This vehicle also has a black lower fascia which wasn't present on the pre-facelift model we drove last.

Inside also gets a glow-up, following the design language we see currently on the 2024 BMW 760i xDrive we just drove. A large curved LCD screen sits centre point of the interior, running the latest version of iDrive 8.5. Buttons are few and far between, with many controls moving into the infotainment system.

While this vehicle is now badged as an M60i M Performance model, originally designated only for the M760Li we drove in 2018, now represents BMW's 4.4L S68 twin-turbo V8 which includes a mild-hybrid system. This vehicle has 526 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque along with the excellent ZF 8HP automatic transmission.

Head on over to our YouTube Channel to view James' take on the 2024 BMW X6 M60i xDrive and everything else about this performance SUV.

James' Thoughts

Having never driven a BMW before I really didn't have many expectations going into it and even if I did the X6 M60i would have exceeded every single one. It's hard to find things to complain about when you step into an SUV that has a twin turbo V8 that makes over 500 horsepower.

If a screaming V8 isn't enough to impress you than the X6 M60i is also full of what I like to call connivance feature's things that you don't need and also don't always expect a vehicle to be equipped with. We have things like heated and cooled cup holders and auto parking systems (that will get pretty close to everything around it and make you nervous). The AR directional system that allows you to see the road in front of you in the gage cluster. The list goes on and on and while all these things are all great to have you have to pay quite a bit extra for almost all of them.

If I were to buy this car tomorrow I wouldn't need all the fancy stuff just leave me with the sound of that V8 and to me it would be worth every penny.


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