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2024 Honda CR-V Sport AWD

Honda's best-selling crossover got a full update for 2023, bringing with it some important changes for the CR-V. We had the chance to try out the 2024 Honda CR-V Sport AWD, one of the more entry-level trims sold here in Canada, but one that Honda expects to be a popular option for customers looking for a no-nonsense driving experience with a hint of sportiness mixed into the design.

One thing we always appreciate here at PRN_TestDrive is OEMs listening to consumer feedback, and emerging trends. The previous generation CR-V was a bit too bubbly for our tastes, a soft-looking vehicle that felt like it was designed to be as aerodynamic as possible while wearing the corporate face. The all-new 2024 Honda CR-V not only brings a larger vehicle to market, but one that has sharp, masculine edges, a rugged exterior look, and a better overall package to the North American market. When it comes to features and pricing, the CR-V EX in the US would be the most comparable, as our Sport gets mostly the same features and tech. Our test vehicle came in around $44,000 CAD with delivery, but only about $34,000 USD making it a much better deal for our American readers.

This was a similar story when we reviewed the 2024 Honda Accord Touring Hybrid a few months ago, costing nearly $5,000 more than the Toyota Camry, and other hybrid sedans like the Hyundai Sonata, however the CR-V sold domestically here in Canada is made at the brand's Alliston, ON manufacturing plant. We'd hoped that the price would be a bit more affordable, however when comparing to other Japanese crossovers in the segment we found the CR-V is still expensive, but not nearly as expensive in comparison like the Accord was.

What you do get for that price is exceptional build quality. We found the interior and exterior fit & finish on the CR-V to be above what we'd expect from this segment. While the materials used weren't premium by any stretch of the imagination, the overall feel of the interior was solid, with sturdy support in the seats, and quality feel throughout the rest of the cabin space. The cloth seats are comfortable, along with an expansive rear seating area. The rear doors also open nearly 90º making it extremely easy to get in and out of the second row.

Key features on this Sport include heated front seats, heated steering wheel, dual-zone automatic climate control, a power sunroof, keyless entry, power lift gate, and more. Our Sport also got 18" black alloy rims with the extra features mentioned. While this trim doesn't come with many additional extras or features, it does have the basics for what consumers would need in this segment. the 7" radio is also small, serving as a wired bridge for phone projection and basic settings. Going up to the EX-L trim for an extra $2,000 gets you a lot, including the 9" infotainment with better graphics and functionality, leather seating, and more. We'd recommend going up to the EX-L, or try to get the best deal you can on the Sport if budget is tight.

To find out more about the 2024 Honda CR-V Sport AWD you can check out our full episode of TestDrive Spotlight over on our YouTube Channel.


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