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Make Apple CarPlay Wireless in Any Car

Are you driving around in a modern car that only supports wired Apple CarPlay? It was fine back in 2014 when the technology first launched, and even by 2020 you could forgive most manufacturers from adopting the wireless functionality, but it's absolutely absurd that a new 2024 vehicle would still have wired Apple CarPlay, yet here we are. If you're like us and stuck with a vehicle like the 2024 Kia Seltos X Line, we've got a solution for you. The U2Air Pro from OttoCast can make your sad wired CarPlay experience a whole lot more wireless.

The device itself is pretty compact, taking up little space in your centre console. Two USB cables are included, USB-A and USB-C, both with USB-C end terminals to connect to the U2Air Pro. The cables themselves are short, but if your main CarPlay access point is inside a glove box/arm rest you'll appreciate the shorter cable. Obviously you can use a longer one if needed. Set up is as simple as can be, you first connect your iPhone to your vehicle normally, and activate Apple CarPlay. Then remove your phone, connect the U2Air Pro and connect your phone to the Bluetooth connection from OttoCast. Poof! Wireless Apple CarPlay in your car.

We've been testing this in our 2024 Kia Seltos for a couple weeks now using an iPhone 12 without issue. The phone automatically connects to the device and syncs up CarPlay to the vehicle. Music and phone call quality is great, and the speed of the connection is OEM-like, that's to say there's no delay or lag using this device. So far we've been impressed with this little dongle, and would recommend it to anyone looking to make their Apple CarPlay experience a little easier.

You can help support PRN_TestDrive by using our affiliate link below, along with the code PRN20 to save 20% off your purchase. We get a small commission off any sales we make, which gets reinvested in the channel and site to continue providing you with free content!

You can also check out our video review of the OttoCast U2Air Pro Apple CarPlay adapter over on our YouTube Channel.


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